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The Heard of #Morocco, un documentaire innédit et de toute beauté qui sillonne le monde mettant en avant la richesse culturelle et musicale du #Maroc ainsi que le diversité de ses paysages.

#Morocco | Ep.2 By © Music Voyager ( S’Tours Repost)

We begin our voyage in the western foothills of the southern Middle Atlas (Moyen Atlas) mountains and travel to FES. The amazing old capital of Morocco lives in two worlds, the new modern Fes and the old Medina, both resound on one’s sense in color, charm and exotic abundance. From the ancient city, the medina in Fes the friends learn the history and music intertwine to bring out the depth of culture extremely rich and diverse.

From Fes the friends head to Khanifra and then on to Merzouga in the Sahara desert. Like the topography changes so does the people, the culture and the music. Over the dunes the friends ride ATVs and jam under the amazing night sky by a desert fire in Khenifra. Then travel to the city of old word charm and elegance, Marrakesh. Our Artist Ambassador is the legendary Gnawa artist: Hassan Hakmoun and FNAIR. They show us the different sides of this magical city and how it inspires them. We end our journey in coastal city of Essaouira where Hassan Hakmoun has asked other famous Moroccan music artists, to participate in a traditional Gnawa ceremony.

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